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"Your appraisals were fair, and the organization of such varied things must have been a nightmare, but was utterly successful. The considerate and helpful attention you gave each of us made an (unexpectedly) emotional day go as smoothly as possible. The results were professional and smooth. My heartfelt thanks to you both."

-C. Powell

Kay and Walker "provided much more value than their compensation, are extremely knowledgeable and realistic about the market they serve and made my job [as Executor] much easier than it might have been without them. They represent a unique combination of knowledge, both of the value of antiques and collectibles and of the market for those items, and sensitivity to the financial needs of the executors and the emotions of family witnessing the disposition of personal items.

-R.J. Powell

"You took the flotsam and jetsam of a lifetime, sorted, priced, and sold it in a very professionally conducted estate sale. I felt at all times that I was being treated with complete honesty and discretion. I was especially grateful to Kay for finding a coin collection of some value that I did not even know existed...You even vacuumed the house when you left!"

-Samuel J. Clark

Liquidating an estate is not something that most families experience until it is an overwhelming and emotional job. We felt that hiring a professional, experienced Estate Sale company would be the best way to tackle the job. Trust was the number one criteria in our selection process. Secondly, value was important. We needed someone that had the knowledge, experience and resource skills required to price and maximize contents of the estate. We hired Parker & Haigh who both met the challenge and produced a successful sale in February of 2011. 

The whole process was seamless. Walker and Kay gave us periodic updates on their progress and contacted us if they found things we might have overlooked ranging from a small bag of coins to a hidden set of silver flatware. In the end, we had no idea what to expect but were pleased with the results financially and no longer felt overwhelmed. What could have taken us years to do was done in just a couple of months.

On behalf of my brothers and I, I highly recommend Parker & Haigh for Estate Sales of any size or scope.

-P.Rogers, T. Wells, M. Wells

As I reflect on the events of the last year, I am reminded often of the bright spot that is was to work with both of you as we dealt with my mother's estate matters. Your assistance continues to be appreciated by me. Thank you for working so hard during that time, especially with our particular circumstances.

-S. Hurr

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